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Wake Young Men's Leadership Academy is a Wake County Public School Systems' Early College Program and admission is by application.

If you are looking for an enviroment where your student can excel, be his best self, and accomplish goals beyond expectations, this may be the school for you. This is an excellerated learning environment, your sons electives will be limited until his junior year when he will be able to take college classes and electives. His classmates will hold him accountable for his actions, he will learn to contribute to the collective and "be his brothers keeper". 

He will not have "the traditional high school experience", there are few dances, and football games are watching classmates play at a different school. This is not the most resourced school in Wake County, it is however, one of the hardest working. if your son has what it takes, he will learn about different cultures, he will have all the opportunities of going to school in one of the nations fastest growing downtowns, he will graduate with the willingness to be great.

Our young men gain the confidence and knowledge to shake any hand and carry on any conversation. The students and staff are the real measure of a school, make an appointment to tour the Wake Young Men's Leadership Academy and judge for yourself.

Information from WCPSS can be found here:

Information on Tours and Admission: 919-664-5644

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