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Please note that the original website started by the WYMLA PTSA in 2013 contained an archive of all the Minutes and attachments.  However, that site was linked to the WYMLA wcpss site which was taken down and relaunched on a different format.  Our information disappeared and we were never able to recover it.  As a result, we have reconstructed those attachments to the best of our ability and have attached yearly compilations for 2012-2015 on the links on this page.  
WYMLA PTSA Returned Check Policy...

"A payee must reimburse the PTSA for any returned check fees. If the PTSA receives a second returned check from the same payee within the same school year, they will be unable to pay by check for the remainder of the school year."

2015-2016 Board Meeting Minutes
2014-2015 Board Meeting Minutes
2013-2014 Board Meeting Minutes
2012-2013 Board Meeting Minutes

2016-2017 Board Meeting Minutes

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