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WCPSS Board is considering a policy change that will eliminate interscholastic sports for students enrolling for 2018-2019 school year and beyond.

UPDATE: -1/22/2017

The topic is on the Policy Committee Agenda for 01/24/2017. The staff presenting are:

Brian Kingsley



Drew Cook

Reach out to these individuals as well as your Board Representative

We assured there would be not action or discussion at the 01/17/2017 School Board Meeting and that was true. 

We now focus on the meeting scheduled for February 07, 2017.

Please keep up the great work.

As you may or may not know, the Wake County Public School Board is considering ending interscholastic sports for any students enrolling in an Early College Program beginning in 2018-2019 school year.


THIS SHOULD NOT IMPACT CURRENT STUDENTS OR STUDENTS ENTERING NEXT YEAR. It may however have an impact on the schools legacy and siblings of students currently enrolled.


The word should was used for the following reasons:


  1. There is policy recommendation ONLY to remove section Q of the attached policy

  2. There has been talk of grand fathering these students but we have seen nothing in writing.

  3. Nothing has been decided yet.




Many of us have contacted their (or all) school board members voicing concerns. If you have reached out in the past, reach out again asking for their support.


Many parents and students attended the December 20, 2016 WCPSS BOD meeting. Many spoke during the public speaks out period, many showed up in uniform (either school or athletic). It was a good night.


We have reached out to the News and Observer and discussed the issue with the Education beat reporter.


We have had one on one meetings with some school board members discussing the issue and possible solutions.




  1. Let the WCPSS know how you feel.

  2. Get to the WCPSS Board Meeting January 17, 2017

  3. Let’s have our students speak. There is a public speaks out portion at the beginning of every meeting. Each person can speak for 3 minutes (or less).

  4. Sign up to speak on the WCPSS Board page the day of the meeting starting at noon.


You can see our parents and students speak at the last meeting here:


Starting around the 21:40 mark.


Please let your WCPSS Board Rep. know how you feel.


The WCPSS Board is a fantastic group. They contribute a lot of our entire region and they deserve a great deal of respect. We need to ask them to reject this committee recommendation and help our students. (Basically leave well enough alone).


Let them know who your son or daughter is, why sports matter (especially to your student) and how it develops leadership skills.


Let them know if sports are the things that keep your son working hard in school. Is your son or daughter likely to be more at risk without athletics?


Attach a photo of your student in their uniform (WYMLA school uniform or Broughton or Daniels team uniform).


Let them know how they used their leadership skills while participating in team sports.


Please let them know you are not only concerned about the uncertainty for your student, but also the school and its legacy.


Will sports play a role in the college experience for your student?


If your child is first generation college bound? If so please let them know that.


Our students deserve equality, they have earned it.


Tuesday January 24 is the next school board meeting. We need to have our student athletes in attendance. Middle School, JV or Varsity. This is not only crucial for our success and showing this decision matters to us, it is a great teaching opportunity for our young leaders to see the process and power of an educated, united voice.


We will make plans for this meeting as this unfolds.


Your emails to the board are very important they need to know we care. We are also working directly with board members to find a solution that works, your emails provide them the motivation to work with us.


Attached is a map to identify your WCPSS Board district, and a roster of Board members.


You are encouraged to please contact your rep and Jim Martin. Dr. Martin is the Representative for our school.


Click to find  maps, roster and policy .


This is the first article posted:

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